How Facebook’s AI algorithms can find your job, job title

AI can now help Facebook improve its algorithms and, in some cases, make hiring decisions more efficient.

The company says that it has developed an AI system that can “understand and respond to a range of contextual cues, such as what an employee’s job title or resume might be, the context in which they are seen, and the context of the information in their profile.”

This means that Facebook’s algorithms can be more predictive than ever about whether you’re interested in the job you’re looking for.

Facebook says that this is the first time that it’s used this type of AI to predict someone’s interest in a job, but it’s also an example of the kind of AI that it might use to make hiring and promotion decisions.

In addition to being able to understand what a potential employer is looking for, Facebook says the AI system can also help it make more efficient hiring decisions.

For example, Facebook’s systems can help it better understand what it needs to know about an applicant before it makes a hiring decision.

It can then create a hiring process that’s more conducive to hiring people.

This process may include the hiring manager asking you for a CV, the hiring managers asking questions about you, and then Facebook creating a “best match” list to match the candidate with.

If you’re an employee who has been using Facebook since its founding, you can learn more about the company’s hiring process in the company blog post about its use of AI for recruiting.

We’ll be sure to update this post if we find any more examples of Facebook’s use of artificial intelligence for hiring decisions or any other job-related news.

Correction: This article originally stated that the company was using AI to help predict a person’s interest.

Facebook actually used AI to find candidates in the real world.