How AI is transforming the workplace

The way you work at your desk might soon be automated.

For a company that has spent years working to make human beings smarter and better at their jobs, this may sound like a huge leap forward.

But AI could mean big trouble for the people working for you, too.

The world’s largest software company is about to hire an AI researcher to help with the job of developing its software.

And this research is a huge deal for a company which is already in the middle of a $1 billion funding round.

“We are looking for an AI expert to help us to build out our capabilities in a way that is both more human-friendly and more scalable,” CEO Rishi Iyer told Business Insider.

The company is looking to hire a researcher to assist in its AI research program, which is expected to begin in 2019.

This comes as the company has been under intense pressure to keep up with the AI revolution and the rise of artificial intelligence.

According to the company’s blog post, Iyer outlined a number of areas where the AI researchers will be working.

These include:”AI researchers will work to improve the way we learn, analyze, and interpret data and data sets, and to create new tools to better understand how humans process data,” the blog post reads.

“The research will help us make AI more human and better suited to the work we do, and help us design solutions to help make our workplace better.”

To be sure, this isn’t the first time AI has been used to automate work.

Last year, Google announced it was hiring an AI scientist to help it develop its Google Glass augmented reality technology.

The company also has an AI team that helps its robots and other machines in various fields of research, and the company recently announced a research program called Project Zero that focuses on developing artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms for areas such as agriculture and energy.

But Iyer said that the AI program will be a bit different this time around.

“We are not creating an AI program to do a specific job.

We are building a program to help guide the development of AI,” he told Business Insider.

The AI program is expected be able to help automate tasks that the company currently does not do, like maintaining software, and is expected work with the company in a more human way.

This will help the company keep pace with the exponential growth in the use of artificial intelligences in many fields.

“Our team is focused on creating tools to help machine learning and artificial intelligence teams better understand human tasks, and we are building on our research and expertise in the area,” Iyer added.