Trump administration to boost diversity in the federal workforce

President Donald Trump on Thursday announced plans to boost the diversity of the federal work force and said he is considering hiring more minorities in his administration.

The White House announced a new hiring initiative aimed at bolstering the diversity in its workforce and recruiting people from minority backgrounds.

Trump on Thursday called on all federal agencies to hire more people from underrepresented backgrounds, and to hire people from more diverse backgrounds in the executive branch, including the Department of Education, to better serve the needs of students and students of color.

He said that while he has focused his administration on the issue of diversity and inclusion, it is critical to also “create jobs and opportunities for all Americans.”

“There are some agencies, and they are important, that are just not getting the credit they deserve,” he said.

“There are agencies where I have made hiring decisions that have made a real difference.

I am proud to say that those agencies that have had the most success hiring people of color, women and people from other backgrounds.”

The White.

House said it is partnering with organizations across the government to help recruit and retain talented people, and is encouraging all federal workers to consider the diversity training offered by the National Council of Women and Girls.

It said it will make every effort to find and hire qualified individuals of all backgrounds, including people with disabilities, those with a disability related condition and people with a service related condition.

Trump said he has been working for many years on improving diversity in federal government.

“I’ve been trying to create a lot of change in the hiring and the hiring process,” he told reporters.

“I’ve created a lot more diversity in hiring.

That is what I am trying to do.”

Trump has said he wants to hire as many people from diverse backgrounds as possible and is open to a diversity of viewpoints in the administration.

But he has also repeatedly criticized his own administration for having a diversity problem, including hiring more white people for senior positions.

The Trump administration said it would hire more minorities and women and increase the diversity ranks in senior leadership positions, as well as in senior staff positions at the department and agency level.

It added that it will invest $100 million to expand training for its workforce, including in hiring, interviewing and promoting people of diverse backgrounds.

It also announced plans for a new diversity office, to work with private and public entities and the government itself, to train and mentor people of all ethnic backgrounds, religions and national origins.