‘You’re not going to get this’ after firing fired sailor

SAN JOSE, Calif.

— After a second sailor was fired after she was accused of assaulting a colleague, the San Jose Police Department is saying officers who were allegedly retaliating against the woman are “not going to be disciplined.”

“We will not tolerate retaliation against women,” Chief Robert Graham told reporters Tuesday, adding that the department has launched an internal investigation into the allegations.

The department’s internal affairs department was notified about the allegation in January and took over the case last week, police spokeswoman Officer Laura Smith said.

The investigation is ongoing, she said.

No officers were involved in the alleged assault.

The San Jose police chief also said that the officer who filed the complaint against the sailor is no longer with the department.

“This was a very unfortunate situation where a woman was subjected to excessive force,” Graham said.

“This officer did not know that that woman was a sailor and acted in an inappropriate manner.”

“It’s not right, but it’s not uncommon for us to see that,” he added.

Police were called to the San Mateo County Jail in January after a sailor was accused by a coworker of assaulting her, and they later released her without charges.

The woman said she was forced to remove her clothing and was later accused of making a racial slur during a verbal altercation.

“We take all reports of alleged sexual assault seriously,” Smith said, adding the department will be investigating the allegation against the second sailor.

“The allegation of a second woman who was allegedly subjected to inappropriate behavior by another woman is not acceptable and we will not be supporting the actions of this officer in any way.”