HR director in Michigan says she was asked to resign

Michigan’s human resources chief is stepping down after she was accused of sexually harassing a subordinate.

The move by Michigan Human Resources Director Kimberly Schreiber comes amid a wave of allegations of sexual harassment in the state.

Schreib resigned on Friday.

A report released by the state’s attorney general on Friday found Schreibus violated the state ethics law by failing to file the required ethics disclosures by Aug. 6.

She is also facing an investigation into a potential violation of the state attorney general’s office by her chief of staff.

The report said Schreis decision to resign came less than a week after the Michigan Supreme Court refused to review a federal lawsuit filed by a woman who alleged Schreiba inappropriately touched her.

The state attorney General’s Office is reviewing the allegations, according to a statement from spokeswoman Kelly Eberhart.

Schreiber said in a statement Friday she will continue to lead the human resources department, which oversees the state workforce.

“I am leaving my position as the Michigan Human Services Director in the hope that the department will become a more welcoming and inclusive environment for all employees,” Schreiber said.

“The human resources team is one of the most challenging environments in the world, and I want to ensure that the people we serve are protected.”