‘The most popular game on Twitter is ‘Bubble’.”

The most popular video game on YouTube is Bubble, a game about bubble-shaped objects that appear to be a floating balloon.

Bubble is the #1 most played video game in the world on YouTube, according to the company’s “Most Played” list.

The game is popular on Twitch, which is where users can watch games from other players and make comments.

In March, The Guardian reported that video game developer Naughty Dog was paying players to promote the game on social media, which it called a “sales opportunity.”

The company said it had paid $10,000 for video game ads on the game’s YouTube channel.

Twitter’s decision to take down the video game came as a surprise to many.

“Bubbles are a fantastic game that can be enjoyed by a broad range of gamers.

But we’ve taken a look at what the industry’s policies say about the impact that social media ads can have on games and found that the answer is clear,” Twitter said in a statement.

It added that it is reviewing the matter.

The company also said it would review other ads on video games.