Nike releases video to highlight diversity at Nikes HQ

The latest Nike video to spotlight diversity at the Nike HQ is a tribute to the late singer Joan Jett.

The video features the singer as she takes on the role of the first African-American to sing the national anthem at a sporting event, with her signature blue, gold, and red jumpsuit.

The video also features clips from Jett’s iconic 1988 album, “Love Me Do.”

Nike also released a new video that featured a woman wearing a shirt emblazoned with the phrase “Love, love, love” as well as a man dressed as a lion, all of whom were dressed as African-Americans.

The caption read, “The color of the lion is the color of love.

It’s an anthem of diversity.

We love the lion.

We want to be part of the conversation.

The lion is our pride.”

The “Love” video was produced by the Nikes Global Talent Agency, a division of the Nike Group that was founded in 1984.

Nike recently launched a campaign to celebrate the Black History Month of March.

The Nike Black March, which is expected to be the largest in history, features a series of events that will include a concert and an awards ceremony.