How do you deal with someone who’s an Israeli terrorist?

The Israeli terror group Hamas is in the process of recruiting a number of Israeli students from around the world.

It’s also been reported that Israeli students in the US are currently being pressured to join Hamas.

The recruitment of students from the Middle East and North Africa is not new.

The organisation has been recruiting from Israel since at least 2014, when it began sending students to Israel.

Some of those students have been fighting with Hamas.

In Israel, a number are also being taught to be suicide bombers and have been accused of planning to attack the Israeli army.

But Hamas’ recent recruitment of Israeli university students to its terror network is a new development.

According to the Israeli news site Ynet, a student from Tel Aviv University was arrested last month for his involvement in the Hamas recruitment of Israelis.

According to a report by the Israeli daily Ynet , the arrest comes on the heels of an investigation by the police into a Hamas cell that recruited several university students in Israel.

The cell had been operating for several years, and at one point was recruiting as many as 200 students a month.

According the report, the cell was based in an apartment complex near the southern city of Jerusalem.

The group had been using a network of people who would provide information to the group, which the police were able to trace to a cell of two young men who were recruited by the group.

The investigation was launched after police discovered that the two young Israelis were living in the same apartment.

The two men are in their 20s and 25s, and are reportedly part of the same Hamas cell.

The men reportedly planned to launch a suicide bombing attack in Jerusalem.

Police found the two men in the apartment, but it is unclear how the suspects obtained the Israeli university’s email account.

Ynet reports that the police obtained the email account through a subpoena, and that the email was used to arrange the meetings between the two individuals and recruit students.

The police are now looking into how the group obtained the information.

Ynet adds that the group also plans to use the Israeli students to launch attacks against Israeli forces in the occupied West Bank, which could be considered an international terrorist act.

According Ynet’s report, Hamas has recently increased the recruitment of its recruits from the region, adding that there have been “at least eight Israeli university student recruits in the last year.”

The investigation into the Hamas recruiting of Israeli student is ongoing, but according to the police, they believe the Hamas cell had “extensive financial resources” that they were able “to buy weapons from the Israeli military.”