How to Get More Employees to Manage Your WellStar account

How to get more employees to manage your WellStar card.1.

Set up an account and password.

Go to

Enter your personal information, and follow the instructions.2.

Log in to the account, log out, and re-enter your password.

The account will show you a link that you can use to sign in.

This will open a link in your browser, and you will be able to sign into the account.3.

If you want to manage a WellStar credit card, go to www and enter the code you would like to use for your WellSTAR card.

You can change your credit card number if you need to, but if you change it, it will need to be re-validated every three months.4.

You will be redirected to a page that allows you to manage the account and sign in to your account.5.

Select the “Manage WellStar Account” tab.6.

Select “Managing” from the menu, and then “Managed Accounts.”7.

Click on “Manages.”8.

The “Account” tab will open.9.

In the Account section, select “Accounts” and “WellStar Account.”10.

Under “Account Type,” select “Credit Card.”11.

In “Account Name,” select the name of the account you would rather manage.12.

Enter the name, card type, and amount of your Wellstar credit card.13.

Click “OK” to sign out.