Why you need to know about the new ad blitz by Snapchat and its partners

The world’s biggest app company has taken the wraps off a massive advertising blitz to boost its business in the digital space, launching a series of ads featuring celebrities and brands to boost awareness and increase brand loyalty.

The new ad campaign, dubbed “Celebrate your Life”, features the likes of Tom Cruise, Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift and is being rolled out across Snapchat’s UK accounts across the weekend.

The campaign will run on Snapchat’s Snapchat Story platform in English, French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The ads will appear alongside a Snapchat video and an animated gif, which will play on a dedicated Snapchat Story page.

Snapchat’s Snapchat Stories are designed to be a place where brands can share stories that make them more visible, and this ad campaign will be part of that.

It follows the launch of its own Snapchat Story last year which has also featured the likes.

The app has since grown in popularity and has become one of the most popular in the app world.

Snap is hoping to capitalize on the growing popularity of its Stories to attract more users and advertisers to its platform.

Snap has been making its advertising more relevant and engaging with the new Snapchat Stories, which aim to showcase content and experiences from brands that have been endorsed by Snapchat.

It is the latest example of the company expanding its ad-buying capabilities in the face of rising competition from Snapchat.