A conservative who won’t let go of her support for Donald Trump

A conservative Republican woman from Minnesota who supported President Donald Trump last year has been caught up in the scandal surrounding the former president’s former campaign chairman.

Carle Human Resources is facing multiple lawsuits from disgruntled former Trump campaign staffers, who say they were fired from their jobs for allegedly harassing a former campaign staffer who had worked for the Republican National Committee for nearly a year, according to The Washington Post.

Carles attorney, Kevin Cramer, told the newspaper that the former Trump aide, who was terminated in August 2017, filed a lawsuit alleging he was retaliated against for reporting harassment by former campaign staffers.

“In this instance, the former campaign manager was terminated for doing nothing wrong,” Cramer told the Post.

“He’s not the kind of person who would fire someone who didn’t intend to harass them.

But he’s also not a person that would want to fire someone for doing something they believed to be wrong.””

In any event, he is a victim here, too,” Cramer added.

“If he had been fired, he would not have reported his harassment.”

In a statement to Fox News, a spokesperson for the Trump campaign, Jason Miller, said the campaign is “trying to get to the bottom of this story.”

“We don’t have a comment about this, but we’re still working to get the facts,” Miller added.

Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, who is now an executive producer at Breitbart News, has also been sued over alleged harassment by the former Republican National Committeeman.

“I do believe that he was trying to ruin my career,” Bannon said in an interview with The Washington Times on Tuesday.

“I was a horrible employee.

I had no control over what I was doing.”

Bannon added that the campaign was not aware of any allegations of harassment.

The former Trump aides claim they were retaliated for reporting bullying or other harassment by Trump campaign workers.

They also claim that a former Trump adviser, Hope Hicks, had allegedly threatened them with her own sexual assault by threatening to publish a story about a campaign aide who was accused of rape.

The Trump campaign also accused another former staffer, Michael Caputo, of harassing a female campaign volunteer by sending her a photograph of his genitals.

The new allegations, which have surfaced in the media, have prompted the Trump administration to take action to hold Bannon accountable for his actions, according the Post, and to make clear to other Trump staffers that the president would not tolerate bullying.

“When it comes to our campaign staff, we will hold them accountable,” Miller said.

“And when we have complaints, we’ll take swift action.

We’re going to do everything in our power to hold the individual responsible.”