4.5 million jobs added in Queensland

A new report has found that Queensland has gained more than 4.6 million jobs since July.

The figures are based on the latest data from the Bureau of Statistics, which show that there have been 2.9 million job cuts since July and that the state’s unemployment rate was 9.6 per cent.

However, the report also revealed that there were 890,000 more people in employment in Queensland than the previous year.

The latest figures show that the unemployment rate in Queensland has risen by 1.4 percentage points since July to 7.1 per cent, and the unemployment percentage is at 12.1%.

The Queensland unemployment rate for 2018 was 8.3 per cent but that rate rose to 10.9 per cent in 2019, according to data from Queensland’s Bureau of Employment and Social Development.

The unemployment rate also rose from 7.3 to 8.5 per cent during the year, and to 10 per cent last year.

The jobless rate was 7.5 in December 2018.

The Queensland government says that since July 1, the unemployment rates have remained stable.