How Disney is building a ‘global brand’

In order to stay relevant, Disney needs to keep churning out new characters and franchises.

To that end, it has enlisted top talent from across the globe to help shape the brand and develop new stories.

But one of the most ambitious and ambitious efforts in the world of Disney animation is on the horizon: a “global brand” that will encompass everything from “Star Wars” to “Aladdin.”

According to an internal memo obtained by Bloomberg, Disney has assembled a team of 30 employees and is working on a “super-project” that “will create the world’s most immersive brand and global brand identity.”

This includes a “world-class team” that is building the brand, according to the memo.

“We want to build an unparalleled brand,” said CEO Bob Iger in the memo, adding that “every Disney product we build will reflect this brand, and the Disney brand will be our core.”

According a Bloomberg story, Disney plans to build a “human resources” team that will be responsible for everything from creative writing to product development.

The project will be in partnership with the talent agency WME and the global talent firm WME Global, which has worked with Disney in the past.

The memo also describes the company’s search for the “perfect” people to join the team.

The team will include an executive producer, writer, director, and storyboard artist.

“Disney is hiring the most experienced, smart, creative, and driven talent to help us build the world-class brand,” Iger wrote in the document.

“We are looking for people who will help us create the most immersive Disney experiences and help us transform our company from a global company to a global brand.”

The company says the team will focus on a wide variety of topics, including “social media,” “global brands,” “advertising,” and “advertising strategy.”

“We are making the most of the creative talent we have and our commitment to our customers,” Igers wrote.