A crypto-fundraising tool to help crypto-enthusiasts with their digital currency investments

In 2018, the Human Resource Agency of India (HRI) launched a crowdfunding campaign called “Bid for Change”.

Its goal was to raise up to Rs.20,000 per month for a team of professionals to provide services in their fields, such as digital marketing, digital media, digital finance and IT.

The team consisted of five people, including a founder, three employees and one freelancer.

The campaign raised Rs.25,000 in two months, but due to the slow growth, the project was shut down after just six months.

What did they do with the money?

One of the founders is a freelancer who received a salary of Rs.1,000 a month.

The rest of the money was used to pay for rent and electricity.

What do you think about the idea of offering digital financial services in the country?

We’re in the middle of a digital revolution, so there’s a lot of innovation happening right now.

With digital currencies, we have a huge opportunity to bring in the world and provide a service for the people.

It’s an idea that’s not too far fetched.

What are some other options available for digital currency enthusiasts?

A lot of them are going into other digital currencies like Ether, Litecoin, Bitcoin.

Some people are using their savings to buy the cryptocurrency.

I also think there’s an opportunity to provide financial advice for people in other fields like business, and financial advisory.

We have the technology that will allow people to transact digitally with a minimum of cost.

How does the HRI’s crowdfunding platform work?

The platform works through a portal.

Users can sign up, and a team will contact them and ask for their details and a few basic information.

The founders of the team, which includes two freelancers, will then send them a call to set up an account with the HRIL.

Once they’ve agreed, the HRIF team will ask them to fill out some information on the platform.

The data that they will get from this process will be used for their marketing plan.

In this way, the platform can help people get digital currencies in the hands of a much wider audience.

Is this the first crowdfunding platform in India?


We are the first company to launch a crowdfunding platform for digital currencies.

The platform is currently in beta, and there are only a few people participating.

What is the difference between the crowdsales of cryptocurrencies and those of other digital assets like bitcoin?

The difference is that digital currencies are digital, and can be traded by anybody with a computer.

The crowdsales are much more regulated.

For instance, the ICOs are more regulated than the crowdsale platforms.

There are a lot more rules and regulations on digital currencies than there are on digital assets.

We hope to make it easier for people to use digital currencies and to invest in their projects.

Are you going to offer cryptocurrency-related services in your company?

Yes, we plan to do so.

There will be a few different kinds of digital products and services.

There is the traditional digital product like email newsletters, digital financial newsletters, and more.

There’s also a lot that can be done with blockchain.

For example, we are planning to create a digital platform where companies can share the blockchain of their projects to provide a platform where investors can get exposure to their investments.

For more information, visit: http://www.humanresourceagencyindia.org/policies/funding-fund-raising-for-digital-currencies/index.html.