A guide to the best jobs for millennials

article The first year of adulthood has its challenges, but it’s a golden time to start your career, according to a study released by CareerBuilder.com.

The survey found that the average age of a millennial worker has grown from 20 to 27, which is up nearly 20 years.

The millennial generation is more likely to have been born between 1979 and 1997, which means they are a generation that has seen the rise of social media, and the growth of online career sites like LinkedIn and Monster.com, CareerBuilder noted.

The study also found that millennial workers are more likely than other workers to take advantage of the rising costs of living, including healthcare, education and transportation.

CareerBuilder’s survey found some notable findings.

Millennials are more than twice as likely as other workers (27%) to have a healthcare plan that includes an out-of-pocket maximum for premiums.

And the average salary of a worker ages 25 to 29 in 2019 is $41,000, according of the study.

CareerBlogs’ infographic below breaks down the best careers for millennials.