What’s going on at Walgreens?

The chain’s parent company said it was suspending its operations and hiring only as needed for a new “digital transformation” program.

In a statement, the company said that it would also invest $100 million in its U.S. operations.

Walgreens has more than 800 stores in more than 40 states and Puerto Rico, and more than 70% of its annual sales are in stores.

The chain is a major player in the health care market, which has been a focus of President Donald Trump’s administration.

In the statement, Walgens CEO Gary Shulman said the company is taking steps to make the changes it believes are necessary for the long-term success of the company.

“We are continuing to take these actions as a company with a long history of delivering quality, affordable products that support our customers,” Shulmen said.

The company said its workforce would remain unchanged, and it is hiring on a full-time basis for digital transformation positions, including data entry and data management.

Walgens also said it would invest $200 million in new, high-speed data centers, and that it was also launching a pilot program that would allow some employees to receive part-time hours.

It is also seeking to boost its workforce in the United States and internationally by hiring additional foreign talent.

The company has been criticized for hiring people who are not U.K. citizens.