Disney has acquired a startup that creates artificial intelligence, Disney News

Disney has purchased a startup called Disney AI, and it’s a new one with a twist: instead of building a new artificial intelligence from scratch, it’s using Disney AI to create its own, or at least to build something similar to what it has already created for Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

According to Disney News, Disney AI will help Disney to manage its human resources as it grows in the digital arena.

The announcement comes at the same time that Disney’s own human resources department is starting to use AI to better manage its employees.

“The new Disney AI team has already developed new technology to manage employees and manage Disney parks,” the Disney News announcement says.

“This technology will be used to provide better and more accurate information about employee performance.”

The announcement goes on to say that the team will be using Disney’s existing human resources tools, such as the company’s employee tracking system, as well as Disney AI’s artificial intelligence to manage and monitor the Disney parks and other Disney properties.

Disney News goes on: The new Disney technology will also allow Disney to better understand and manage its workforce.

The Disney AI platform will be able to quickly and accurately predict and identify potential employee behaviors that may impact the overall effectiveness of its employees, including productivity, work schedule, and quality of life.

The team also plans to use Disney AI technology to improve employee performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Disney AI is the brainchild of Disney’s former human resources chief, Brian Wojcicki, who left Disney in 2016.

The company announced its plans to purchase Disney AI in 2016, saying it would be a major investment for the company and will bring new benefits to Disney’s human resources team.

Disney previously acquired artificial intelligence startup DeepMind, which used its AI to help create the Watson software used by Google.

DeepMind had previously created a computer program to track the whereabouts of people who were missing in action.

Disney’s AI team will work closely with DeepMind’s AI to use the Disney AI system to improve human resources performance.

Disney announced its purchase of Disney AI earlier this month, and in December, it told Recode that the company plans to launch a “new approach to human resources.”