Chipotle to end human rights violations in Mexico

Chipotle is planning to close human rights operations in Mexico.

The Mexican restaurant chain, which employs nearly half a million people, said Tuesday that it will close the offices of human rights and social responsibility, food safety, and human resources in the country, as well as a human resources department.

The company will also cut the number of workers who work in Mexico by half.

The move is a major blow to Mexican authorities, which have repeatedly accused the chain of violating human rights.

In a statement, Chipotle said that its actions were driven by its desire to reduce costs and maximize profit.

“Chipotle believes human rights are a cornerstone of our business and the values that drive our company,” the company said.

The chain, whose restaurant chain is headquartered in Texas, has faced pressure from human rights advocates in Mexico to change its practices in the nation’s largest city, where more than 1,000 people have died from the country’s drug war since 2014.

In December, Chipotles headquarters were vandalized, and authorities arrested several people who were responsible for the attack.