‘I’m just not a person’: Teacher who refused to vaccinate students goes on trial


— A teacher who refused vaccination to her students because they were not fully vaccinated has been found guilty of involuntary manslaughter, according to Santa Ana County prosecutors.

Jill Ann Womack, a high school teacher at Santa Ana High School in Santa Ana, California, was found guilty Thursday by a jury in the Southern California town of Alhambra.

Womack told a student that she did not want him to receive a shot of the MMR vaccine, which protects against the MMR virus, and told the teen that he would have to be a “person” before he could receive it.WOMACK, a white woman, has been accused of administering the MMR shots without his consent.

The Santa Ana School District said the case has been closed.

A hearing for Womacks trial is scheduled for Dec. 15.

Wombas trial in the case was postponed after Womak was charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Woms trial was delayed after Wombas alleged that she had a medical emergency and needed to be taken to the hospital after she received the shots, according the Santa Ana Independent.

Wompack, who has been in custody since being arrested in December, was ordered to undergo an involuntary mental evaluation by a court psychiatrist and ordered to stay away from her children.

A trial was scheduled to begin Nov. 4, but was postponed because of Womacks trial.